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Customer Testimonials

My Adult son had a very nasty boil and he was not looking after it.  A few applications of your Black Drawing Salve started the healing process and soon it had dried up

Another Adult son came to me with very deep cuts in his hands from dry weather and I gave him one of your lotion bars to try.  The effect was immediate and quite astounding the way the cuts healed up

B. 2017

Egyptian Bath Milk: helped with leg cramps and so soft for skin, very relaxing

Anti-Bacterial Spray: I feel it was the turning point for clearing up elbow wound as I had tried many things and nothing was helping

Mosquito Spray: IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!

DMR 2016

Having lived with bursitis in my hips for years I have tried many things: - special shoes, steroid shots.  Linda's very deep massage worked so well after four treatments when I had a weekend to myself and my husband was away, I turned MY favourite music on loud and danced till i couldn't stand anymore.  It was great! I feel years younger.   

NV 2016

432Hz Nourishment Oil: It takes just a little in the morning.  After using it for a few weeks people noticed a difference in my face.  I like it because one bottle does all - eyes, ears, face, neck,. So Easy!  It is safe for the delicate places around your eyes and So Smooth. I forced my husband to use it and now he loves it.  

N.V. 2016

I often suffer from bladder infections. Since I made a point in drinking your tea for urinary infections at the first signs, I am able to wash the infection out. I also tried your lip balm with Bach RESCUE in it. As I am always agitated when I have to go to the doctor, my blood pressure is always high, but last time I used your lip balm, and for the first time my blood pressure was normal. Thanks!     -B. January 2015

Well skeptic that I am I tried the Cayenne Salve for aching joints ... HOLY!!!  Better than Voltarin, Naproxin ... beat them all hands down!!   A.C.  tried the catnip oil for mosquitos and said it was amazing. Next I will be bringing home the flea and tick oil for my furbabies.

- C. July 2014


This dandelion flower salve is effing fantastic!   my feet are really shaping up. can't get enough of it.  .

- J. July 2014


Hi Linda! I just had to let you know that since drinking your tea for Crohn's disease I have had very few flare ups that last as long as they did!!! (weeks to months) At the first sign of discomfort I start drinking my tea and can't believe what a difference it makes in my life! Thank you so much!!! :) 

- T. May 2014